Tiny Treasures on Follet’s Island

It’s early spring—wildflower season in Texas. This is our answer to the autumn leaf season in the Northeast United States. This spring has been especially colorful. We had a mild winter that has lingered with cool March days and no blistering heat spikes. The result is a bounty of wildflowers in both the drier climes... Continue Reading →

Surfside Symphony, First Movement: Pianissimo and Forte

The big blind dog, the husband, and I sit in the vaulted den, windows open to the dry northwest wind on a clear day. The surf has been blown flat and the slightest shore break caresses the sand. Now and then, waves kicked up by a distant boat or breeze wander in, slap the first... Continue Reading →


How it began.

K.C.'s Scribbling

When my husband and I bought our first home, it was with the conviction that it was our last home. “This is where I will grow old with him and die,” I told myself.

When the economic growth of the area accelerated and he decided he wanted to sell and move, I was devastated. After a childhood of upheaval, I sought stability and needed to believe my home could remain an island of such in the madness growing around me. In time, I realized it could not and accepted the move.

Our new home, twenty miles south and three hundred square feet smaller, was just as house:  nice enough, comfortable, but not that space that said, “Forever.” It was, however, an island. It sat on one of the highest lots in the neighborhood and when Hurricane Harvey struck last fall, the water crept up to the curb but never truly…

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