Moving On: Letting go of my PFD.

I’ve been parked in Las Cruces, NM for a month as I did minor repairs to Blanche (my 17’ Casita travel trailer), relaxed, and enjoyed time with my widowed brother and my niece. Today I prepped to leave to get back on both the literal and figurative road. I am eight pounds heavier (thanks to... Continue Reading →

Rebuilding Surfside: Again

Hurricane Nicholas hit Surfside Beach directly, his eye wall hitting us with gusts up to 100 mph. He was a small storm among hurricanes, but we are a small community on an island barely nine feet above sea level on average. The surge clawed away at the dunes that had begun to heal from last... Continue Reading →

Hide and Seek: Beach mysteries and COVID-19 vulnerability

The beach holds mystery in its tranquility and wildness. Things are hidden and revealed in unending cycles. There is vulnerability in these cycles. The water rolls and churns, clears and clouds. One minute it shows you the diaphanous form of a jellyfish in a swell, the next, that translucent threat has vanished and you wonder... Continue Reading →

When Pelicans Peli-can’t: rescuing wildlife with wonderful people on Follet’s Island

When I was a child, the Brown Pelican was listed as endangered. I recall, in the late 70s, seeing perhaps one or two Brown pelicans at most on trips to Galveston. In recent decades the bird has bounced back and is now listed as “least concern.”  On any given summer day in Surfside Beach, one... Continue Reading →

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